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Phone number420777566756
Breast typeNatural
Weight (kg)54
Height (cm)164
Hair colorBrown
LanguagesEnglish, French, German
Are you a smokerNo
A very sensual, seductive, and calm girl as well with distinctly feminine features. She has the ability to magnetically attract and fascinate others. She has a strong, mysterious and irresistible aura. She seeks emotional certainty and stability and can enjoy physical closeness. She loves safety. She likes investigate and goes deep. She has the stamina and the will. She can assert herrself and is active and dynamic if she tries to reach something. She is extremely sensitive to all moods and trends. She has intense, deep and passionate feelings and a strong sexual energy. She likes the total…

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1 hour - 350 EUR
2 hours - 450 EUR
Night price - 800 EUR

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